A nasty surprise in the Champions League. Polish debutant surprised

A nasty surprise in the Champions League.  Polish debutant surprised

A nasty surprise in the Champions League. Polish debutant surprised

Zawiercie, after two victories, were the leaders of the table. Although the team from Berlin is the leader of the German league, it is doing a bit worse on the European arena. The defeat of Aluron as the host – he took his rivals in the hall in Dąbrowa Górnicza – can therefore be considered a surprise. However, it was difficult for Zawiercie to win with more than 30 mistakes in the serving area.

He scored his first point in the second action of the match Uros Kovacevic, team leader from Zawiercie. Often the burden of scoring points rests on his shoulders – in the previous game he recorded as many as 30 point plays. However, it was the visitors who held a narrow lead.

Zawiercie managed to regain them after Marek Sotola’s auto attack, at 17:16. Only after a while the Berliners were leading by three points, because the hosts could not cope with the services Timothee Carle. At the end, he served in turn Bartosz Kwolek and Aluron unexpectedly lost 21:25.

Asseco Resovia Rzeszow – Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie 1:3. Game highlights. VIDEO (Polsat Sport)/ /Polsat Sport/ /Polsat Sport

Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie equalises, but makes too many mistakes

The team from Germany came to Poland with one victory on their account – they defeated Hebar Pazardzik. This coupled with a loss to Halkbank Ankara meant they were third in the Group B table. In recent matches, he has had to cope without an injured starting point guard, Angela Trinidad de Haro.

In the first set, however, the Germans surprised Zawiercie. Volleyball players led by Michał Winiarski It wasn’t until the second set that they found the right rhythm. Kovacevic was active, among others. they were leading 10-7 thanks to him. Then the rivals asked for a break, but after that the difference in favor of Aluron was further increased by Kwolek. The advantage of the Polish team ultimately amounted to five points, the last of them was scored by Kovacevic.

However, the guests after the lost set did not intend to lower their tone. All the time Sotola played extremely effectively, in the first part of the third set they were leading by three points. Zawiercie, in turn, made a lot of mistakes in the service area, which made their game not very smooth. Still in difficult moments, however, they were saved by Kovacevic, who led to a 15:15 draw.

However, the Polish team was still struggling with the middle rivals, especially Nehemiah Mote. It was after his attack that the team from Berlin had the first set ball. Finally, he used the fifth chance, after Dawid Konarski’s car attack, he won 29:27.

Volleyball Champions League. Aluron’s first defeat

In the fourth set, Zawiercie had to chase their rivals again from the beginning. The two-point advantage of the Berliners increased even after the service ace Ruben Schott. The hosts kept making mistakes in the service area. Winiarski was still looking for breaks, he introduced a reserve setter and an attacker to the field for longer.

The team from Berlin was already leading 18:13, but in the end Aluron led to a draw 21:21. However, the hosts won the game in their favor, winning 27:25.

Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie – Berlin Recycling Volleys 1:3 (21:25, 25:20, 27:29, 25:27)

Aluron: Konarski, Szalacha, Kovacević, Tavares, Zniszczoł, Kwolek – Danani (libero) and Łaba, Dulski, Kozłowski

BR Volleys: Sotola, Mote, Schott, Tille, Brehme, Carle – Tsuiki (libero) and Ronkainen, Dosanjh, Kessel

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