A million down the drain? Risky investment

GKM was fed up with Pawlicki

Initially, it seemed that the former captain of ZOOleszcz GKM Grudziądz will try to rebuild himself in this club and extend the contract. However, the patience of local activists has run out. In recent years, when signing the contract, the player promised to find a recipe for a weaker form and return to his disposal from years ago. However, it ended with words, because there was no improvement, and we even observed a regression.

Nevertheless, the parties sat down to negotiate after the season. These must have failed after GKM heard Pawlicki’s financial demands. The value of his contract was to exceed well over one million zlotys. Activists from Grudziądz made it clear to the speedway rider that there was no chance for so much money. Sure, if Pawlicki agreed to a bigger cut, he could get a chance again. Only that this time no one would guarantee him a certain place in the squad.

In such a situation, it became clear that the player would be looking for a new club. He had to wait a while, because only the newbies were interested in PGE Ekstraliga’s services. Although Pawlicki had some interesting offers from the 1st league eWinner, the choice fell on Krosno. One that he did not want to say goodbye to the elite, to which it is not so easy to return later, and two are still hoping to rebuild their form and earn much more money.

Will the Wilkom profitable transfer of Pawlicki?

This risky investment was undertaken by Wilki, who basically had no other option. It could be a marriage of convenience that will pay off for both parties. If something does not work out, both the club and the player will probably have to say goodbye to PGE Ekstraliga in the next season.

– The darling has no choice. He has to look for players in the market that he can give him hope for. Przemek has not been convincing for several years. However, I would be far from taking his chance. It hits a new environment, on a new track. Perhaps this will release additional amounts of strength in him. If I were to look for the advantages of such a move, it would be primarily the experience at PGE Ekstraliga. Now, however, the movement belongs to him, because he has to come up with something during the winter – comments Wojciech Dankiewicz, speedway expert.

And what could Pawlicki change? Reserves should be sought primarily in his team and equipment. For years, the speedway rider has been considered a professional in terms of physical preparation and diet. You can’t fault anything here. However, there are voices in the community that he is experimenting with engines too much, and there is no person in his team who could help him in this aspect. In recent years, Pawlicki has been juggling engines, he has tested a lot, but it did not help.

– When it fits perfectly with a given track, it can drive sensational – emphasizes Dankiewicz. – I remember a few runs at the track in Grudziądz, where he rode next to the ranks in the style of Tomasz Gollob. With this speed, however, it can be different. As a rule, however, he has problems more often. Observing him, it seems to me that the hardware issues are not properly arranged, and this affects him. When something is not going, the form of the player is very down – he finishes.

Pawlicki will therefore have time in winter to organize his team and equipment issues. However, he cannot count on support from the tuner Ryszard Kowalski, with whom he has been blacklisted for a long time, and who used to prepare drive units for him.