A knock-up of Borys Szyc. Internet users heartless for the actor

As part of the cooperation, Szyc published a post and a photo on Facebook.

“Everyone has their own way to start the day well. I cannot imagine a morning without a good coffee. When I’m on the run – I drink espresso, but when I can enjoy this moment, I prepare a delicious cappuccino with a well-foamed Alpro Barista coffee. Oatmeal. Have a good day everyone! ” – wrote the actor.

This is, of course, a newer version of the Facebook post. The first one also includes an instruction on cooperation. We found out that the actor was supposed to publish “a video of making coffee” on his Instagram, and additionally “a photo plus text”.

Internet users comment on Szyc’s misfortune.

“Like a man knew, but still.» You have money here, post and paste this description «” – we read on one of the Twitter entries.

“Oops, the PR agency in Borys ‘e-mail forgot to mark the exact text to be copied on Facebook. And seriously, this is the authenticity of most celeb-sponsored posts” – we read in Wojtek Kardys’ Netomania post.

From the very beginning, Szyc’s cooperation with a company that produces food and beverages exclusively based on plants aroused reservations.

“Consumers accuse this campaign of lack of authenticity and hypocrisy. And it’s hard to disagree with it. An actor who eats hamburgers in one commercial and promotes a plant-based diet in the next, may arouse mixed feelings among the audience,” he said in an interview with the food portal. pl Paweł Jaroszyński, CEO, Head of Social Media at the Pitted Cherries agency.

In 2022, Katarzyna Nosowska joined him in the campaign. Previously, he was partnered by Daria Ładocha.

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