A great success of the Ukrainian counteroffensive. Zelenskiy gave DETAILS

Our army, interview and the Security Service of Ukraine continue their active activities in several operational directions. They continue successfully – He said President on the recording. As he reported, so far Ukrainian forces have liberated over 30 localities in the Kharkiv region. In some localities of the region, activities are underway, including control and security of the territory, we are gradually taking control of other localities, everywhere we are restoring the Ukrainian flag and protecting our citizens – added.

An appeal for information about Russian crimes

The president called on the inhabitants of the recaptured territories to pass on information about Russian crimes. The head of state emphasized that Ukrainian policemen were returning to the captured towns. He noted that “fierce fighting” also continued in Donbas and in the south. Zelenskiy also informed that 38 Ukrainian and foreign media workers were killed in connection with the Russian aggression.

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