a fragment of the plane’s engine fell on the roof of an elderly couple

It all happened on the night of Thursday to Friday, September 8, around midnight. Louis Demaret and his wife Domenica were sleeping peacefully at their home in Waremme in the east of Belgium, when suddenly they were awakened by the loud noise of a plane passing like a very low one. Moments later, they heard a mighty bang.

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Belgium. A fragment of the plane’s engine fell on the home of an elderly couple

The alarm went off in the couple’s house. The man looked out the window, but seeing nothing but the darkness, he realized that maybe the lightning had struck somewhere nearby. So Louis and Domenica went on to sleep.

It wasn’t until the next morning that they discovered what really happened during the night. It turned out that the marriage miraculously escaped death! In the garden, they found a huge fragment of an airplane engine.

– It’s unbelievable. We are shocked and we wonder how it could have happened ?! – says Louis Demaret quoted by “The Sun”. A piece of the machine damaged a section of the roof above the couple’s garage, then fell to the ground.

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