A disaster that takes away hope? Trainer of Poles about his future

A disaster that takes away hope?  Trainer of Poles about his future

A disaster that takes away hope? Trainer of Poles about his future

After a defeat to Slovenia 23-32 it is already known that even if Poland gets to the second phase of the tournament in Krakow, it will do it without scoring points. The first and second places are already assigned to France and Slovenia – and these two teams will have points – two and four or three – it will turn out after their direct meeting. The white-and-reds will have only an illusory chance of advancing to the quarter-finals of the World Cup – this one will be won by the two best teams from the Krakow group: probably someone from Spain, France, Slovenia.

Patryk Rombel: – We were moving away from our plan with every minute

Coach Patryk Rombel was disappointed after the match, just like every player and fan of the white and red team. It was hard for him to find any good element in his team’s play, he emphasized great rivals. – I take my hat off, because what they did was close to perfection. It’s hard for us to see something that worked at the level – he said.

Poland started well and our coach saw it too. After that, however, everything went wrong and after the first half it was hard to hope for a turnaround of the game. – With every minute we had more and more problems, and when the Slovenians got us, we lost confidence. We were moving away from our plan and we didn’t come back to it later, which resulted in the result we had, “he assessed.

The Polish anthem before the match against Slovenia in “Spodek” during the World Handball Championship. VIDEO/ /Andrew Group/ /INTERIA.TV

The pressure was building every minute. The Poles couldn’t handle it

His charges were to be careful in the center of Slovenia – not to let the rivals create an advantage there. – We knew there would be a lot of challenges, penetration of this zone and one-on-one play. And we were supposed to run forward, and it’s hard to run when there are no balls saved. Nervousness came, the pressure grew and we couldn’t deal with it – he analyzed.

Or in the event of Poland not advancing to the quarter-finals Patryk Rombel will continue to be the coach of the Polish national team? This practically deprives the white and red team of a chance to play in the Olympic tournament in Paris. “I’m fulfilling my contract, it’s not a question for me. I do not want to step into the president’s shoes, the union must find an answer – he told TVP Sport.

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Michał Olejniczak held back by the Slovenes/ /

The Slovenians took perfect care of Szymon Sicko – the quarterback from Kielce scored two goals, gave seven throws/ /

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