A crazy feat of a cyclist! This video is a hit on the web!

“Italian cyclist Michael Guerra used his knowledge of physics and aerodynamics to take the board position and stay ahead of his competitors,” wrote Ian Fraser, the journalist who shared the video with the Italian in the lead role, on his Twitter profile.

The article continues under the video

In the aforementioned video, you can see how Guerra is lying on the saddle, taking the position of the “board” or Superman and going down the hill, overtakes other competitors. You can also see that going down in this position allows you to achieve enormous speed.

Michael Guerra maintains an Instagram profile showing his various exploits. He is supposedly known for riding Spiderman, he did it a few years earlier, but he has more crazy or funny recordings.

In 2020, the Italian showed how he trained in a pandemic. Admittedly, he had a nice start-up idea …

Earlier, he posted a recording on the Internet, in which he jumps out of a moving car and gets on his bike.

Michael Guerra is definitely a crazy driving fan!

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