A Christmas miracle at Karol Strasburger’s house. He got the most beautiful gift from fate – Super Express

A Christmas miracle at Karol Strasburger’s house.  He got the most beautiful gift from fate – Super Express

A Christmas miracle at Karol Strasburger’s house. He got the most beautiful gift from fate – Super Express

Karol Strasburger knows what a lonely Christmas is. After the death of his wife Irena in 2013, as he says himself, he understood how people who do not have a family feel. Fortunately, this state of affairs did not last long. Now the star is impatiently waiting for Christmas Eve and Christmas. This year he will spend it with family and friends. But what he enjoys the most is that he has a wife and daughter, which are the greatest gifts he could ever get. – Thanks to my wife and daughter, I fell in love with Christmas again he says in an interview with us.

A patent for Christmas in the Strasburger family

Karol’s wife is a perfect housewife. This year, she used a patent that will certainly work in many Polish homes.

We won’t host the entire holiday. We spend each day in a different way and in a different group. Nevertheless, each family prepares some dishes and we combine them on the festive table. Thanks to this, we pass on a piece of our home and culinary traditions that reign in it to others. It is also a great idea to not only relieve the host of the huge amount of work in preparing the refreshments, but also to divide the costs between several families, which in these times of galloping inflation is of great importance for everyone – it tells us.

Years ago, Małgorzata worked with Maciej Kuroń († 48), one of the best Polish chefs. It was he who taught her that it’s worth experimenting in the kitchen.

One day of Christmas falls on a meeting in our house, so after the traditional Christmas Eve dinner at our place will be a bit different. As my authority in this regard, Maciej Kuroń, used to say, “a kitchen is not a pharmacy”, so for it to taste good, you need to listen to your heart, add a pinch of willingness and skills, and let your imagination run wild Margaret laughs. – So I plan to go crazy on the basis of my husband’s beloved duck he adds. On the table there will also be foccacia in the Polish version with the addition of salmon.

The youngest cook

What’s more, little Laura has already been infected with the love of cooking.

I am happy that we create a home full of love and mutual respect. Since we are parents, our lives have received an additional rudder, which we have set in the direction of exploring the world through the eyes of a child, which is why all holidays have become even more valuable to us, during which we can pass on to our daughter this atmosphere, customs and the smell of home at this special time – Margaret tells us.

– As a mother, now I have a field to show off in terms of cooking, but also creating the Christmas atmosphere in terms of thematic arrangement of the interior of the house and preparing it for guests. Laura is older, we can have more fun in this space. It is important for me to teach her how to be an extraordinary hostess and pass on to her one of my passions, which is the culinary art. I believe that she will take it to heart and will want to use these lessons in the future. I can already see that he is having a great time in the kitchen. It also often happens that all three of us prepare something delicious and this time together is the best fun but also often learning a valuable value, which is closeness he adds.

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