A breakthrough in the war with Russia. A carefully planned and swift operation of Ukraine

What happened doesn’t mean that Russian army she decided to run home. Not. This Ukrainian army, the Ukrainian command prepared the operation, determined the optimal place and time, and covertly concentrated our best, highly motivated units that had been assigned this task to attack. The commanders were ready for it – Butusov said in an interview with Nv.ua.

Kupiansk, Izium …

Earlier on Saturday Ukrainian forces announced the entry to Kupiansk in the Kharkiv region. Ukrainian troops also entered Izium. Thursday President Volodymyr Zelensky reported on recovery by Ukrainian forces Balaklija.

Butusov expressed the opinion that Ukrainian military defeated the Russians intellect, interviewmindset and motivation of soldiers. The enemy did not expect an attack precisely in those places where our troops attacked, where the breakthrough took place. The opponent was not prepared that it would be a deep operation with broad goals – he said.

According to an expert The Russians could not understand for four days the Ukrainian command’s action plans. The advantage of the Ukrainian forces was also the terrain in the Kharkiv region, numerous hills and forest areas.

“We beat them with our feet”

Experienced, very motivated Ukrainian branches they actually defeated the enemy with their feet: very quickly, with light vehicles or on foot, our troops went forward non-stop for four days and did not only what they were told, but always tried to do something beyond orders – He said.

He stressed that there were no attacks during the attacks direct clashes between soldiers both sides. Direct contact with an opponent Ukrainians they only had when breaking the first line of defense.

Ukraine took the initiative. A breakthrough moment

It turned out that the opponent has no second line of defense, no tactical reserves to stop Ukrainian attack. All reserves were destroyed, broken. And most importantly: the Russian command could not understand what was happening and all its actions and decisions during these four days turned out to be wrong Butusov declared.

As he pointed out, Ukrainian army has now taken the lead in the war with Russia. This is a breakthrough moment, because six months of the war have just passed and Russia has changed its strategy several times. And they had only one strategy left: artillery and air attacks, i.e. concentration of significant fire resources against our defense and gradual killing of our forces, inflicting huge losses – He said.

Now we have chosen the place, time and tactics. It was us who suddenly attacked the Russian army. Our attack turned out to be much more effective than what the Russian army can do in Ukraine – summed up Butusov.

From Kiev, Jarosław Junko

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