A breakthrough in the Flemish Church. Decision against the will of the Vatican

The Vatican officially declares it illegal to bless homosexual relationships. Nevertheless, on September 20, three pages were published in Flemish, which contain the structure of the liturgy and two prayers for same-sex couples.

Let us recall that the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, i.e. the institution of the Roman Curia, which is responsible for the orthodox proclamation of the Catholic faith, a year ago strongly opposed “all forms of blessing aimed at recognizing homosexual relationships”. As he says, “it would be tantamount to approving and encouraging certain choices and practices in life,” and God “does not and cannot bless sin.”

The Flemish bishops, led by Cardinal Jozef De Kesel, nevertheless recognized that “people of the same sex who decide to live together in a lasting and faithful union deserve our recognition and support.”

The necessity to create a special liturgy for them was based on the words of the Pope. “In his apostolic exhortation” Amoris Laetita “of 2016, Francis explicitly says that everyone – regardless of their sexual orientation – must be honored in their dignity and treated with respect” – they justified.

According to the bishops, although a permanent homosexual relationship “is not a religious marriage”, it can be “a source of peace and common happiness”. Bishops argue that they do not want to exclude anyone, and that pastoral ministry must strive to “integrate homosexuals into the community of faith.”

The liturgical proposal is called “Prayer for fidelity and love”. Words such as “wedding” or “blessing” are avoided. In the presence of the ecclesial community, two people express their mutual obligations to God, vow to support each other “in all circumstances of life” and ask for “the strength of fidelity”.

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