70 people lost their jobs overnight, Imakon in liquidation

The Imakon company has been operating in Lubań for the last 27 years and currently employs 70 people. The decision to liquidate the employees surprised, although, as the Management Board explains, it is a continuation of the restructuring of the activities undertaken earlier by the owner on the German market. The company ensures that the redundancies are carried out in accordance with the provisions on collective redundancies, and the company takes measures to support employees in finding new jobs.

Statement of Imakon Sp. z o. o. in liquidation

Imakon Sp. z o. o., a company with 27 years of history on the Lubań labor market, adopted a resolution to open liquidation. Nearly 70 people will lose their jobs. The owner’s decision to liquidate is a continuation of the restructuring of activities undertaken earlier on the German market, initiated by the liquidation of one of the plants in Germany. This was due to the recent changes in EU legislation on medical devices and related changes in requirements, which have increased the price and cost pressures. The owner was also guided by the current economic situation and market forecasts.

Exemptions at Imakon Sp. z o. o. are subject to the statutory provisions on collective redundancies. Consultations with the trade union organization will take place in the near future. Surprised by the information about the liquidation, the employees received an assurance that all due wages, benefits and severance payments would be paid.

Imakon Sp. z o. o. has already taken steps to help employees find new jobs.

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