5 most beautiful creations from the youth of Elizabeth II. They don’t always wear suits

“If I wore beige, no one would know who I am,” Queen Elizabeth II once said. During the seven decades of reign, the monarch has become an undisputed icon of style. The dresses worn by the deceased queen were always full of class and style. From the earliest years of her rule, the monarchs delighted with her refined sense of style. We remind you of the five most beautiful creations of Queen Elizabeth II from the time of her youth.

Creations of Queen Elizabeth II. Flowery dress

Queen Elizabeth II delighted with her elegant style even as a princess. In 1947, the future monarch participated in an event at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. The young princess presented herself in a very stylish, light blue dress. The creation was completed with white elbow-length gloves and a blue hat.

The most beautiful creations of Queen Elizabeth II. Wedding Dress

One of the most famous creations of Queen Elizabeth II is her wedding dress designed by the royal tailor, Norman Hartnell. The future monarch stood on the wedding carpet with Philip Mountbatten on November 20, 1947. She was only 21 at the time. All the women of Britain were looking forward to their wedding day, but to see a future gown the queen. The intricate design was embroidered by as many as 350 women for seven weeks. The gown was made of satin purchased with coupons, which was typical of any bride in the post-war period. The creation, decorated with roses and star-shaped flowers, looked phenomenal.

The elegant style of Queen Elizabeth II. Lavender dress

The lavender strapless dress is considered one of Queen Elizabeth II’s boldest dresses. The future monarch showed herself during her performance in Malta in 1951. The dress was embroidered with a floral pattern. The stylization of the then princess was complemented by a fur scarf, gloves and a fitted one bag. A beautiful tiara and an elegant necklace are also noteworthy earrings.

Creations from the youth of Queen Elizabeth II. Lace dress

Queen Elizabeth II presented herself very stylishly at a party in Sydney, Australia in February 1954. The monarchini chose to wear Hardy Amis’s white lace dress. The fitted cut of the dress favorably emphasized the narrow waist of the queen. The monarch’s stylization was complemented by white pearls, long gloves and a stylish hat.

The timeless style of Queen Elizabeth II. Black dress

In a long black dress, Queen Elizabeth II appeared at the Columbia Theater in the 1959 film “Gigi”. In this classic outfit, the monarch looked dazzling. Elegance was added by intricate jewelry and a fur scarf. The shiny handbag was also an interesting accent.

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