“40 versus 20”. Are Amira and Tom still together? We have a comment

“40 versus 20”.  Are Amira and Tom still together?  We have a comment

“40 versus 20”. Are Amira and Tom still together? We have a comment

In the program “40 versus 20” many women fought for the heart of Tom Grabowski, but it was Amira Ellili who turned out to be his number one. The winner of the show told us how their fate turned out after returning to Poland. “I met his daughter, his ex-wife and part of his family. We fell in love quickly, she said. What was next?

Amira from “40 vs. 20” comments on her relationship with Tom

Justyna Piąsta,dziedobry.tvn.pl: For many weeks, the viewers of the program could observe how a feeling developed between you and Tom. There were many competitors, but in the finals he chose you. What did you feel then?

Amir Ellili: In 90 percent I was sure Tom would pick me. Plus, there’s no denying that the vibe we had between us wasn’t with any other girl. When he said my name in the finale, I was the happiest in the world. Especially since after 40 days all I wanted was to get away from all people and be alone with him.

40 versus 20

“40 versus 20”.  Are Amira and Tom still together?  We have a comment
Who will find love in the program “40 vs. 20”?Good morning TVN
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After the decision was announced, Tom knelt down and asked if “you will go out with him”. How did you react to it?

It was funny because that was how he alluded to our earlier conversation. I told him there was a condition and we wouldn’t be together until he asked me if we were going to date each other. He remembered it and that’s why he did it.

You left the show as a couple. What was next? Did your relationship survive?

After returning to Poland, Tom immediately met my mother. Later he went to Krakow, and after a few days I joined him and spent two months with him. I met his daughter, ex-wife and part of the family. We fell in love quickly. We had such a normal life. There have been arguments, but that happens in every relationship. I also spent a lot of time with Tom’s daughter, Melania.

I have fond memories of that time in Krakow, although it was a very short relationship. After two months, I packed up. I remember that Melania came back from school, saw me standing with the suitcases and asked: “Ami, where are you going”. Unfortunately, I had to tell her I was moving out.

Did you make the decision to break up?

Yes, because Tom had unfinished business in his head. He just wasn’t ready for a relationship with me. He had to heal from his previous relationship first. He kept making promises but never kept his word. I had to evacuate for the sake of my psyche.

Were you more affected by the end of your relationship with Tom or separation from his daughter?

Separation from his daughter because we spent a lot of time together. She was on vacation at the time, so she often visited us. The day I left, Melania hugged me very tight. It was difficult for me.

Did you regret leaving? Have you thought about going back and giving it another chance?

At that time I was very much in love with him, but I did not regret it. I had my relatives and friends with me, I could rely on them and thanks to that I was cured. Later, I realized that it was “summer Love”. At some point I cut him off and blocked him everywhere. I wanted to give myself time. When the program started airing, we renewed contact. I couldn’t take offense at him. Everything is fine between us now. Sometimes in the evenings we would talk about what happened in the episode and reminisce about what it was like back then.

“40 versus 20”. Amira is in a new relationship

Your coverage on the show was a true sine wave. Good times alternated with bad. Is there anything you’ve done that you wouldn’t do now?

At first, I don’t think I was fully aware that I was in a program that had its own rules. There is one man and several women. When the chemistry between me and Tom developed, I was very jealous of him. Maybe I regret it in retrospect. Later, I realized that even if he talks to other girls and goes on dates with them, I shouldn’t be nervous about it.

And what is happening in your life now. You are in love?

Yes. I’m in a relationship and I have the best boyfriend in the world by my side. He’s my ex-partner, so as they say, “old love doesn’t rust.” We decided that we still love each other and want to fix what was. I haven’t shared it on social media yet. I think the time will come. One thing is certain – he was with me in Tunisia, he met my parents and they liked him very much. He supports me, he is with me. She knows I was on the show. He said that even if I were to meet Tom, he wouldn’t mind. We have joint plans for the future. I know he has serious intentions for me. Me too towards him. I won’t be surprised if the kids do. Everything is going well and let it stay that way.

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