2000 kWh limit for cheaper electricity! These are the biggest power eaters in your home on 10/12/2022

We checked how much electricity is consumed by individual household appliances and which of them generate the highest consumption. The results are averaged because some households may use a given device more often, others – less frequently. We provide the data on an annual basis, and the statistics provided by PGNiG helped us. They will help to find out where it is worth implementing savings in order to meet the limit of 2000 kWh proposed by the new act.

According to the draft act on special solutions for the protection of electricity consumers, next year electricity prices are to be frozen at this year’s level, if the household consumes no more than 2 MWh per year. In the case of households with people with disabilities, the limit is to be 2.6 MWh per year, while in the case of families with the Big Family Card and farmers – 3 MWh.

In order to take advantage of the price freeze to the limits of 2.6 MWh and 3 MWh per year, it will be necessary to submit a declaration to the energy company that the conditions have been met, e.g. on possession of a Large Family Card or a certificate of disability.

After exceeding certain consumption limits, customers will be billed for each subsequent kWh consumed at the rates applicable in the tariff of a given energy company from 2023 or in the case of free-market offers – at the prices contained in the contract with the seller.