15-year-old Emilia would like to learn. Why are the directors refusing to accept it?

15-year-old Emilia would like to learn. Why are the directors refusing to accept it?

Emilia has serious health problems. In May this year, a teenager had a pacemaker implanted. She was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The disorder is associated with a lack of concentration and a constant change of mood. Emilia is under constant medical supervision.

– Sometimes it was hard, I had difficult times. I was doing stupid things, but it’s already OK – says Emilia Słaboszewska.

The girl’s childhood was not easy. At the age of ten, she underwent heart surgery, during which a pacemaker was implanted for the first time. Then she stayed in a sociotherapeutic center under the specialist care of psychologists and educators. The stay in the new place turned out to be extremely difficult for Emilia. Longing for home made her act of self-aggression.

– My child is not aggressive, on the contrary, she rather closes in on herself, when she has a problem she cries. It is under the control of doctors all the time. He takes 17 tablets a day – says Izabela Słaboszewska, the mother of the teenager.


In June this year, Emilia finished primary school. He has a medical certificate about the need for special education. Despite her mother’s best efforts, she was unable to find a secondary school for her daughter. Visits and direct talks with the starost and school principals turned out to be ineffective. The teenager still does not attend classes.

– When the first headmaster saw all her daughter’s papers, she said that she would not accept the child. Another school was the OHP in Dąbrowa Górnicza. I went there with my daughter, the daughter had a short blouse and the manager pointed out to her that there are regulations which say that you cannot dress like that. My daughter replied that she was a teenager and that she dresses the way she does. The director asked me if my daughter had a probation officer. When I said that she did not answer that she should – reports Ms Izabela.

Emilia’s mother also tried to enroll her daughter in high school.

– I heard that he could not make it and it was advised that I send the child to the vocational school. The fourth school was a uniformed technical school, but they did not accept their daughter because of the starter. I’ve also called other schools. I heard that either there are no places or they will not accept her due to illness – says Ms Izabela.

How is it possible that officials’ hints have not resulted in a positive outcome? Why were the teenagers’ parents not supported in the search for a school for their daughter?

– Emilka was with us after the completion of the basic recruitment. I think that in all schools in Dąbrowa Górnicza we have exceeded the limits of students in the first grades. Therefore, at the moment, I could not accept this student – explains Izabela Babiarz from the Vocational School Complex in Dąbrowa Górnicza.

– Our school is a special school and education center for children with disabilities. Sometimes the risk of social maladjustment is also a serious disorder, because it hinders the normal functioning of the child, but the wrong type of facility is needed – claims Ilona Słomczyńska from the Special Educational Center in Będzin.

Board of Trustees

We brought Emilia’s attention to the Katowice Board of Education, which also received information about the child’s problems.

– Every school is prepared to accept every child. If the school takes advantage of all legal possibilities, it guarantees this child full specialist care – says Anna Kij from the Board of Education in Katowice.

Will the board of trustees help Emilia?

– As soon as we got information about the problem, we immediately started searching for a school. Such a school is already waiting for Emilka – says Anna Kij.

With the support of the school board, Emilia managed to find a school. Help was offered by the Vocational Training Center in Sosnowiec.

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