“10 years younger in 10 days”. Participant broken by metamorphosis

“10 years younger in 10 days”.  Participant broken by metamorphosis

“10 years younger in 10 days”. Participant broken by metamorphosis

Usually the protagonists of the program “10 years younger in 10 days” react to the effects of metamorphosis with joy and tears of emotion. The host Maja Sablewska prepares the final styling for them, they have new hairstyles and professional make-up. As the title of the program indicates, they are supposed to look younger, more beautiful, and feel more confident. But with the participant in the sixth episode of the program, everything went the other way.

There was no smile on Mrs. Jolanta’s face when she looked at the transformed herself in the mirror. – Massacre! I don’t like me, she said. The woman struggled to hold back tears.

See what bags I have. Make-up will not cover it – she turned to Maja Sablewska. – I feel like I’m a million years old. Really, terrible – she added. She only judged her hair color well. – Wrinkles and bags will not be covered with makeup. You can see it even from a distance.

Sablewska asked Mrs. Jolanta why she came to the program. – I thought it would be such fun. I will feel much younger, much more attractive. And I don’t feel like that at all – the program participant replied.

Maja Sablewska was not satisfied with Mrs. Jolanta’s reaction. She admitted that she was terribly sorry. – In my opinion, Jola looked beautiful, but it was not her time. It turns out that not everyone can be helped – she commented.

Many Internet users, however, took the side of Ms Jolanta. “The woman is right. Dress, makeup, shoes highlighted all imperfections” – reads one of the most popular comments under the fragment of the episode on Facebook. “The metamorphosis is terrible. I would have just cried if I were a participant,” writes one of the commentators. And another added:

Please don’t blame the participant. The styling is completely incompatible with the figure and beauty of this lady. It is a pity that Mrs. Jolanta’s opinion is not taken into account.

However, there are also those who liked the new Mrs. Jolanta. “I like Mrs. Jola after the metamorphosis. But it’s terribly sorry to see how sad she is, how she doesn’t accept herself after the change. She was certainly full of hope when she came to the program,” writes the Internet user.

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